A healthier life starts with a good night's sleep

Sleep disorders, including Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS), snoring, insomnia, restless legs, and a number of less common disorders, are among the most prevalent medical problems in America, yet the quality and efficiency of care provided for these conditions is highly variable and the outcomes are poorly understood and often unsatisfactory. At SleepWell Centers of NJ we have assembled a unique team that will deliver the best available care for patients with OSAS and other sleep disorders. It is our intent to provide this care in an accessible, patient-friendly environment, promoting high patient satisfaction, maximizing treatment success and adherence, while reducing the total cost-of-care.

At SleepWell Centers of NJ we believe that the success of a sleep program is intimately related to the effort that is invested in education and support.


Our Center Features:


  • Sleep number beds & pillows to maximize the individual comfort of our patients
  • 32" flat screen television with DVD and cable in every room
  • Interpretations to referring physicians consistently within 48 hours
  • Our treatment success for obstructive sleep apnea is over 80% (documentation available to referring physicians)
  • Our management team has a combined total of over 75 years managing sleep disorders with a commitment and expertise which sets them apart from other providers in the field of sleep medicine
  • Highly trained technical staff consisting of registered and licensed sleep technologists, respiratory therapists and registered nurses
  • A commitment to the highest quality personalized care and satisfaction
  • Free WiFi access


If you are interested in scheduling a sleep study or have questions regarding sleep disorders please call us at 973-822-1772. Our expert staff is eager to assist you.

It really does make a difference which sleep center you choose!


To order a sleep study and/or a consultation with a sleep specialist or for sleep assessment tools for your practice, just click on SleepWell Center of NJ’s Healthcare Professionals page.

Fax or e-mail the request back to us and we will take it from there. Or, if you prefer, print the form for your patient and have them contact us. Either way you can rest assured that your patient will receive timely, professional care by experts in sleep medicine. Our office will verify their insurance and schedule their sleep study. An interpretation will be available within 48 hours.


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